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By: Kim Copeland

It’s the week of Hoopcoming and school spirit is running rampant!  This year’s theme for Hoopcoming Week is Social Media.  This was set up to get students involved with the school and its spirit.  If you tag #avahoop2k15 in Instagram or Twitter, there will be pictures from the whole week posted by students and community members available for review.  The Hoopcoming Queen Candidates this year are Brandee Cutbirth, Hailey Johnson, and Dusty Graham.  The King Candidates for Hoopcoming are Chase Gastineau, John Luebbering, and Shannon Porter.  The candidates are nominated by the girls and boys basketball teams and voted on by the entire student body of Ava High School.  The King and Queen of Hoopcoming will be crowned during Friday’s game at halftime.  The boys’ varsity basketball team will take on the Mansfield Lions for the Hoopcoming game.  To finalization of the week will be the Hoopcoming dance on Friday night from 8:30 to 11:00.  It will be located in the Elementary Gym and the cost is three dollars for each student, or five dollars for a couple.  Bear Bucks will be accepted, but only worth one dollar.  Let’s enjoy #avahoop2k15, sponsored by AHS Student Council. Go Ava Bears!

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Fighting Off an Army of Germs

By: Dakota Hathcock

We live in an infectious world. There are diseases, illnesses, viruses, and bacteria that float slowly around, infecting people and causing pandemics. There are literally billions of trillions of infectious bodies everywhere: on the table, the table, squirming on the doorknobs, floating on dust particles, creating a veritable army of pathogens. Most are selective only infecting humans or a specific animal or plant, however, there are those that are cross-transitional, or can be spread interspecies wise, such as the swine-flu.

Currently there are two main pathogens going around our area: the flu and the Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68). Of course when I say the flu I mean the hundreds of types of the flu, right now we’ll refer to the stomach virus going around. It’s a very nasty sickness featuring rashes, high fever, vomiting and other, more fun things… It has spread around Ava about two times since school started and infected a good majority of students over Christmas break. There have also been a startling number of colds from, what else, the cold weather plaguing the U.S. this winter.

Luckily for you, there are a multitude of ways to keep germs off of you and from getting you sick. First of all, WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY! Don’t become a clean freak but just use Germ-X or wash your hands after you touch door handles. Second of all, if you are sick please cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow, it’s gross and you don’t have to infect other people. You can also eat garlic which boosts your immune system, and as a side effect wards off vampires. Eat citrus fruit to keep off scurvy and get over colds fast. Eating starchy foods like crackers and soup will make you less nauseous, plus stew tastes stupendous. It’s also a good idea to stock up on Lysol to kill hordes of germs. You should also see your doctor if a cough or cold persists over five days, especially if there is fever and nausea.

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The Latest Books

By: Harlie Gunter


Of Poseidon by: Anna Banks

Pages: 324

Genre: Fantasy

Book one of the Syrena Legacy

“Some humans spend their whole lives making something that isn’t real look like something that is.” Emma thought it was just going to be a normal day when she went to the beach with her best friend. It was until she literally ran into Galen, a guy who seemed completely out of this world. Galen seems out of this world because he is actually the prince of Syrena, sent to land to find a girl who can talk to fish. It takes a couple encounters for Galen and Emma to believe that she has a gift, but will she have the courage to help Galen save his kingdom?

I personally loved this book for many reasons. One reason was it was impossible to put down. This wasn’t just due from the exceptional writing but also the fact that it is fast paced. It only took me two days to finish this book and start the second one. Another reason why I loved this book was the storyline itself. This book takes a new look on the phrase fish out of water. It doesn’t take the route you think it would; so it constantly keeps you on your toes. A final reason why I loved this book is that it is written from both Emma’s as well as Galen’s point of view. You get to know what each character is thinking, there for you get more attached to them.  So if you’re looking for a fast paced book with danger, humor and a hint of romance, this may be the book for you.

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Financial Help for College Bound High School Graduates

By: Scotlyn Canape


It is a well-known fact that graduation is quickly approaching and seniors here at Ava High School are rushing to get in all their forms for scholarships and financial aid. While it seems that seniors have a lot on their plate, there is an essential form that must be completed in order to have financial aid.

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is a form that should be completed annually by current and prospective college students to determine their eligibility for financial aid. In order to be considered for financial aid in the state of Missouri, you must have this form in by April 1st. It is a free form and you can start and complete this form at

What is the point of a FAFSA you ask? It is a form that includes a series of questions that  a student is asked about themselves and their family concerning their assets, income, and dependency. It does not ask any questions about your rage, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or religion. Make sure that before you start your FAFSA that you have these essential key items:


-Your Social Security number

-Your driver’s license

-Your W-2 forms and any other possible records of money earned

-Your parent’s federal income tax return, if you’re a dependent student

-Your untaxed income records

-Your current bank statements


Start this helpful form and complete it before April 1st! If you need help you can go see the counselors and they will be happy to help!

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FCCLA Conference 2014


By: Meliesa Swearengin


Students from Ava High School attended the 2014-2015 Missouri Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Fall Leadership Conference, October 12-13, at Tan-Tar-A, Osage Beach. More than 1,100 FCCLA members, advisors, and chaperones attended the conference. The following Ava students attended the conference: Leighann Johnson, Ann Morris, Sara Richardson, Meliesa Swearengin, Amber Isaac,  Nate Lawrence, Jacob Nichols, Tyler Danley, Cheyanne Lambert, Lucas Weddle,Tapanga Garfit, and Katty Christansen. Local chapter advisor LeighAnn Tomlinson also attended.

FCCLA students were able to choose from a variety of different sessions. Sunday sessions included trainings on professionalism, networking, fundraising, careers, and communication. Monday sessions included training for new members, chapter officers, regional officers, and general leadership training. All training were performed by professional speakers from TRI Leadership Resources. Members are inspired to help others and be positive leaders. Ava High School student Ann Morris said,” Tan-Tar-A was a positive influence upon all of us that went. The meetings were very inspirational. The speakers were strong and talked about how we could be better leaders.”

Family, Career, Community Leaders of America is unique young youth organizations because its programs are planned and run by members. It is the only Career and Technical Student Organization with the family as its central focus. Participation in FCCLA programs and activities helps members become strong leaders in their families, careers, and communities.

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Echo Staff Goes to The Herald Office!

By: Scotlyn Canape


You may have seen the Ava Echo staff furiously writing to get their stories done by the deadline, but it isn’t all work and no play with them! The Ava Echo staff recently went on a field trip to the Douglas County Herald Office to gain writing skills and photography tips to improve their printed newspaper.

When first arriving at the Douglas County Herald Office, the staff was ushered into a room where they learned how to dress up their website. When completing a story for the Ava Echo Newspaper Printed Edition, the students also post their stories on their website, . The website is now up and running for you to read every story that has been posted! Along with the website information that was given, Keith Moore told the Ava Echo staff how to write lead-ins, prepare a good story, and the proper time to write stories.

Following the educational field trip, the staff went to a late lunch at True Brew! They enjoyed warm coffee and great food before venturing back into the cold for some pictures. They then headed back to school to talk about what they learned and to plan their next great adventure!

Thank you to the Douglas County Herald Office for teaching the Ava Echo staff!


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A Winning Season!

By: Scotlyn Canape


The Ava Pride Band had a very “dead” show this season, but in reality, it was anything but dead. Along with many accomplishments here at home, the Ava Pride Band brought home many trophies this year for their school to be proud of! Their show “Pandemic” was a hit everywhere they went and had people dying to see more!

The Ava Pride Band traveled to Ozark for their first competition of the season, Pride of the Ozarks. There, not only did they suffer from their “disease” but from the heat as well! Yet, in the midst of the sweat and warm temperatures, they placed 1st in their class! They then proceeded on to a Finals Exhibition Performance where they got to perform their show once again!

During their second competition in Springfield, they made history by, yet again, placing 1st in their class at the Valhalla Marching Festival! Never before has the Ava Pride Band earned 1st place twice in one season! Before moving on to the Finals Competition, they cheered, laughed, and thanked each other for a job well done! Yet they were up for a tough fight, as they were competing against much bigger bands. But that didn’t stop them as they played their hearts out and completed an even better performance than the first, earning them 11th place in the Finals Competition.

After having two winning Saturdays, the Ava Pride Band geared up for their toughest competition yet in Springfield at the Missouri State University Campus at the Ozarko Marching Festival! In their third competition, they were competing against much bigger bands, as this competition was based on school size and not band size. They pulled ahead yet again as they placed 3rd in their class, beating bigger schools! They were shocked to find out that they were moving on to the Finals Competition, as the Ava Pride Band had never made it into Finals here before! After competing in Finals Competition they felt pretty solid about their performance, and were they right! They placed 10th in Finals earning themselves another trophy to bring home!

On the last competition of their winning season, they made the long trip to Reeds Spring and competed in the biggest class yet! They went up against bands much bigger than them, but they pulled ahead yet again and placed third in their class! They then headed to Finals for the last time, which yet again put the band down in history, as they have never been to Finals at every competition before! They performed their best time yet and placed 5th in their class!

Congratulations to all Ava Pride Band members on their successful season!


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A New Face in the Office!

By: Scotlyn Canape

As you all may know, there is a new face in the office, as Mrs. Wright has left to start a new chapter in her life. Although we love Mrs. Wright and we did not want her to leave, we wish her the best of luck! Mrs. Wright left us with these parting words, “I will never forget my time here at Ava High School. Everyone here is dear to my heart, and I have many memories that I will always keep close. I will miss everyone here.”

The office secretary for Ava High School is responsible for many tasks such as updating every student’s profile and managing the upkeep of the office. “Every secretary must be able to multi-task. You cannot survive here if you cannot multi-task.” said Mrs. Wright.

There are other certain qualities that a secretary must have as well! “They must be responsible, trustworthy, kind, and have a sense of humor,” said Mrs. Nash. Yet, all joking aside, the new secretary is all of those and more!

Mrs. Miller attended and graduated high school here at Ava, and is most excited to meet everybody and get to know all of the students and staff! Good luck to Mrs. Miller in her lasting career here!

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Basketball Season of 2014-2015

DSC_0080By: Scotlyn Canape

Here is the list for upcoming home games and events for the Basketball Season of 2014 so you can get out there and support your Ava Bears!


High School Boys Basketball

December 19: Reeds Spring (9th/JV/5:00): Home

January 9: Mansfield (Hoopcoming): Home

January 13: Conway: Home

January 20 Marion C. Early (9th/JV/V 5:00): Home

February 3: Houston: Home

February 6: Salem (9th/JV/V 5:00): Home

February 10: Cabool (Sr. Night): Home


High School Girls Basketball

December 15: Hartville: Home

January 8: Neosho: Home

January 12: Houston: Home

January 15: Salem: Home

January 17: Licking: Home

January 22: Conway: Home

February 2: Cabool: Home

February 9: Norwood (Sr. Night): Home

Support our basketball teams by attending their action filled games!!!

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Renaissance Assembly

By: Tanner Lewis

Twice a year Ava High School celebrates academic achievement in the Renaissance Assembly. This assembly awards students for scoring well on the End-of-Course Exams, having good attendance, and keeping up their grade point averages. It is a great time to see how well you did the previous school year and to improve upon it in the coming semester. This is also the time that the Triple A Award is presented  for having exemplary attendance, grades, and behavior. The Renaissance Assembly will be held at 2:15 P.M. on Tuesday September 30th. Make sure to be there so you can discover your past year’s achievements and try to improve upon them. This is a great time to start the year off strong!


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