Bears Beat Wolves In Double Over-time

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By: Jessie Eubanks

            With a record of 5-7, the Bears traveled to Reeds Spring hoping for a win Tuesday, January 17th. They came close to exceeding their goal of scoring a 50-point game, coming out on top with a final score of 48-41 in double over time.

  The first quarter ended with the Wolves on top, 7-9. The Bears rallied in the second quarter, scoring an additional 12 points. They entered the second half ahead 19-16. Maintaining the lead throughout the third quarter, the Bears entered the fourth quarter with high hopes. Reeds Spring’s Austin Selby added to the Wolves’ score, putting the Bears ahead by only one point.  The Bears retaliated. Austin Gastineau hit two free throws to put the Bears up by three points. With only 4.7 seconds on the clock, Selby made a desperate attempt at a full court shot. His shot sent the game into over-time. With each team battling hard against each other, the game was sent into double over-time. The Bears came out on top, scoring seven more points than the Wolves. Assets under the hoop were Junior Austin Gastineau and Senior Kevin Philpott. Gastineau ended the game with 18 points and Philpott with 11. The game was a rough one for the Bears, with three of Ava’s players coming one foul away from being removed from the game.

The Bears then traveled to Marshfieldon January 20th to play the Blue Jays. The Blue Jays maintained the lead throughout the entire game, ending with a score of 73-43. They competed in the Conway tournament with a 2-1 record. Ava beat the Conway JV Bears, 73-29. The Bears then played against Stoutland to determine whether or not they would compete in the championship game. It was another rough game, but the Bears pulled through, beating Stoutland by 12 points. On January 27th, the Bears played against Conway for the championship. They lost the game by only five points, with a final score of 45-40. Their next game will be the Hoopcoming game against the Liberty Eagles Friday, February 3rd.     


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