“Let’s Play Ball!”

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“Let’s Play Ball!”

By: Jessie Eubanks

            “Let’s play ball!” The grass is green, the baselines have been manicured, and the boys have begun heading out to the field for practice. The Bears wasted no time getting back into the rhythm of things as they started swinging their bats and running the bases again to prepare for their first game of the season. For some this was the first time picking up their glove since last season, but others practiced with Coach James throughout off-season. Pitchers and catchers met at the field to throw to each other. Other dedicated players showed up to hit off of the pitching machine.

            With the loss of three of last year’s seniors and positions not set in stone, there are spots to fill. The boys are working hard every day after school until 6:00 pm to earn a position on the field. Players head over to the field and change then go right into warm-ups. They play catch for a few minutes to loosen up arms, and then they move into individual work. Infielders practice receiving ground balls while the outfielders practice take fly balls. Others work on their bat speed and accuracy, hitting off of the pitching machine or other individual work.

            With talent and leadership, the Bears have the ability to step on the field for every game and leave satisfied. Seniors Zach Leonard, Jeff Smalley, and Kody Kutz have stepped up as leaders, along with sophomore Cooper Emerich. They will need it, competing against teams likeSalemand Mountain. Grove.

            Although the season is off to a wet start, Coach Sawyer is looking forward to getting into game time. The Bears were supposed to have their first game, against Hollister, and their first home game againstMansfieldearlier this week, but both games were cancelled because of the weather. If weather permits, the Bears will finally start their season tonight at 4:30, where they will host the Lions.

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