Sliding into Districts


By:  Jessie Eubanks

The Bears have come a long way since the beginning of the baseball season. From fighting the weather to get a game in, to competing up to three days a week, Ava has stepped up and played hard.
The beginning of the season started out rough with Ava having to reschedule their first two games because of the weather and losing their first game against the West Plains Zizzers. They quickly whipped it into shape though and won two of the three games they played in the West Plains tournament. The Bears kept their winning streak alive for their next four games against Salem, Central, Cabool, and Liberty. Although the Bears ended their winning streak against Hollister, they played hard and ended with a close score of 2-1.
Not letting the loss get them down, Ava got back on their feet and won their next four games, including their Senior night game against Thayer and their next game against Houston to win the title of SCA Champions. The Bears suffered a hard 6-0 loss against Mansfield before falling to Rogersville, Forsyth, Gainesville, and Ash Grove. Coming back out of their slump, Ava beat Marionville, 12-9. Next they played Fordland and earned an easy win, 12-2.
The Bears are the SCA Champions, with an undefeated record in SCA. They will begin districts this Monday, May 14th. When asked what he will miss the most about his baseball career, Senior Kody Kutz said, “I will miss the teams pre-game rituals.”