Throw in One


Proposed disc golf course at Ava Parks

 By: Wesley Everett ( AKA Trey)

            The sport of disc golf is making resurgence across the country. The city ofAvahas been discussing the possibility of developing a disc golf course at the Ava Park. Bear Hollow Disk Golf (as the course will be called) will be an 18 “hole” public course that anyone can use during dark hours. The course will cost an estimated $7000 to build and will be owned and maintained by the city ofAva.

            Disc golf is played in a similar manner as traditional golf except that instead of hitting a ball you throw a disc. Throwing from a tee area, you try to make the disc in that hole’s basket in the fewest amount of throws. It is also similar to traditional golf in that you can play it at any age but it is usually cheaper and you do not need a cart.

“If there were a disc golf course in our town, it would be the fulfillment of a life-long dream for me,” stated Jimmy Roffmann