2012 Volleyball Season Preview


By: Kayla Casey

     This past summer, the Volley Bears went to multiple camps and now they are “set” to start off the season. Their first game was August 27th against Fordland.

     Last year, the team had many senior leaders, including Jorie Garrett, Bethany Horn, and Emily Sterling. Coach Roy suspects that this year’s seniors will be great too. “We have three seniors this year: Cori Dry, Brittany Walker, and Makenzie Watterson.”

      When faced with the challenge of not having many upper classmen, lower classmen stepped it up and took control of the situation. “We lost 5 seniors last year so we have some really big shoes to fill; it will take a lot. There are many underclassmen playing varsity,” Coach Roy explains.

      This year, there is a good team. They are eager and hard-working and surprising with their energy. “All of our games will be hard, but mostly our SCA games against Mountain Grove andLiberty,” Coach Roy explained the outlook for the season.

      The Volley Bears took on Fordland in their first game. The Bears were on fire and won the first game 25-19. Something went wrong in the second game. Unfortunately the Bears lost their fire and lost 14-25. With the lost, the energy and hope was drained from them and they lost the final game 15-25.

      The next day the Bears tried to turn everything around with their game against Springfield Catholic. The Bears showed up ready to play, but it just was not enough they lost both games, 11-25 and 9-25.

      The girls next lost againstSpokanewith their first set being close with the score 22-25. Their second set was not close at all; they lost 14-25. The Volley Bears also had a bad night when they lost to Reeds Spring. The first set they were beaten badly 8-25. Their second set was a little better but they still lost to 10-25.

      “We need to hustle, work as a team, and not give up,” stated senior Cori Dry. Their next game will be against Marshfieldon September 20th. Take the short drive and support our Bears in their game.