Cross Country Preview

By: Dakota Renner

      The seniors who graduated last year were Kody Kutz, Chase Dixon, Kendra McCleary, and Destany Russell. The seniors this year are Phillip Eubanks, James Ferguson, Dakota Renner, Luke Shortt, Ashley Rieken, and Christina Shortt. Last year Dakota Renner got all-state in this sport. This year he is working hard to make it again.

      Coach Liz Kyger talks about the team’s summer work and the work they have ahead of them. “We have a tough season ahead of us, but we’ve been working hard to make it through it.” Say Coach Kyger. When asked who the leaders of the team were and how they would do in upcoming meets coach Kyger replied, “We have a returning all-state runner, Dakota Renner and another strong runner in Luke Shortt, Jordan Dimirsky, and Christina Shortt. We have high expectation for these four.”  When asked what the toughest meet would be for the year Kyger replied, “Its normally the SCA meet, but this year were fighting to have this meet on account of schools not have a full team.”

      The teams first meet is on October 1st, in Strafford at 8 a.m. So go out and support your Ava Bears Cross Country team.