Large Ensemble Contest

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By: Kim Copeland

March 19 was this years day of large ensemble contest day. Both the band and choir took their pieces of music to West Plains to compete for the highest rank possible, an Honor 1 Rating.  The band performed their pieces for the judges and received straight ones from all three.  They then traveled to the sight-reading room where they read a piece they have never seen before.  Their sight-reading performance earned them another one, which totalled to be a day of all ones.  This presents the band with an Honor 1 Rating at their contest. The choir’s contest was the same day, and they went through a similar process. Both of the choirs, the Chamber Choir and Mixed Chorus, went to the perform their learned songs for the judges and did very well.  They then, as the band did, went to sing a piece that was new to them.  After they sight read, their day was over and they waited to receive their scores.  The Mixed Chorus received an Honor 2 Rating, and the Chamber Choir received an Honor 1 Rating from the day.  

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Large Ensemble Contest