Brainy Bears

Academic Team Challenge


The AHS Academic Team gets focused and competitive during practices!

Jimilynn Raybould

Sweat drips, pencils scratch, buzzers buzz, but the team groans when answers are wrong. Quiz Bowl Meets are taken to the extreme when it is a brains vs brains show down! Our very own Academic Teams Varsity and Junior Varsity faced off against surrounding schools at Fordland High School on Nov. 19th. Varsity started out strong with wins, 2-0, but their luck quickly changed after facing Gainesville. Levi Carl earned the top scorer ranking for Junior Varsity while Meghan Whitacre took the honors for Varsity! Both teams answered loads of challenging questions and look forward to the next meet scheduled for January 30 in Strafford. Members of the Academic Team for AHS this year are Drew Adams, Julianna Baker, Levi Carl, Sage Clunn, Hannah Griffith, Kevin Mangan, Jimilynn Raybould, Casey Ritchie, Alivia Roberts, Logan Sicilia, Betty Stout, Jesse Wake, Meghan Whitacre, and Sara Wake.