I’m Dreaming of a Creepy Christmas

The Darker Side of Christmas


Dakota Hathcock

December is one of the most culturally divergent months of the year, with ties in almost every major religion. For example, this year December is home to the Muslim month of Ramadan (the month of religious fasting), the Japanese New Year Omisaka, along with Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and St. Lucia Day. However, the most popular holiday in America, Christmas, has a few surprising twists that we have overlooked. Christmas. Everybody in the United States knows about Christmas, the jolly, overweight elf we know as Santa Claus and his pet reindeer Rudolph with his shining nose. What you don’t know is that the original St. Nikolas, a prophet in the fourth century, is the patron saint of thievery, piracy, sailing, and orphans. And according to Norwegian scientists, Rudolph’s crimson nose was the result of an infection. Our Kris Kringle also has an even more twisted alter ego, Krampus. According to Norse Mythology, when St. Nikolas gave the good children treats and gifts, his counterpart and traveling companion Krampus gave the bad children coal and carried others away to hell. Krampus has looks that befit a demon and the legends to back him up. This Christmas remember to hope for the better half of the legends to keep your holidays merry and bright!