Hoopcoming Candidates 2016

Jimilynn Raybould

Gear up and get ready, Spirit Week is just around the corner for everyone at Ava High. Hoopcoming, similar to Homecoming during football season, is a great time to get involved, show your fun side and dress up! Our Hoopcoming Candidates are: Nate Bray, Caleb Stillings and Jesse Slavens. Hunter Shelton, Sarah Lawson and Breanne Potter. The theme for the week is Lights, Camera, Action!The days of the week are as follows: Tuesday: Dynamic Duo Day (Thing One & Thing Two, Batman & Robin, Woody & Jessie, Tarzan & Jane etc..), Wednesday: Once Upon A Time (Prince, Princess, Witch, Troll, Fairy Tale Villain etc..), Thursday: Wizard of Oz Day (Color Day). The Seniors will wear black, juniors: white, sophomores: purple, and freshmen are the color red. And of course Friday is Blue/Gold Day!!