Raising the Bar

Cody Johnson 2nd Place National Powerlift

Jimilynn Raybould

Many have heard the clangs of the metal, experienced the strain of the weight, been in the weight room and lifted till you were groaning to get that last rep in. But, no one else loves the sound, feel and atmosphere of the weight room quite like senior Cody Johnson. Cody started lifting his freshman year for football but started the heavy powerlifting sophomore year and participating in weight meets. Progressing and adding more weight every lift to build muscle and strength, Cody has participated in 7 weight meets and has taken home two state championships and set 3 state records. He had set the squat record last year at the First Annual Glendale State Powerlifting Championships and broke that same record this year and set the deadlift at the Second Annual meet. Almost always taking home the top medals in each lift, Cody has collected 14 medals and 3 plaques.

After winning his last meet by lifting a total of 1,420 pounds: 570 lbs in squat, 330 lbs on bench and 530 lbs in deadlift; he blew the competition out of the water. He hopes to go to Oklahoma City for the National High School Powerlifting Championship April 2-3rd and take home the Powerlifting Belt. “I’m not going up there to lose, I’m going up there to do my thing and win. Then (when) I am coming home and eating some Victory Nuggets from McDonald’s.” He then hopes to go to the World Powerlifting Championship, but, he doesn’t want to look too far ahead. “It comes one step at a time. (If) You go so high, and think that you will win and you are already there, then you defeat yourself and you won’t try your best.”

Cody went to Oklahoma City on April 2nd to prove that he has the skill to do it all. In the end, he ended up tying for first with a guy smaller than him. They awarded first to the other contender because of his lower weight and ability to lift the same as Cody. He came home with a trophy, but not the giant medal he had hoped for. With an end in his high school weightlifting career,he says he will keep lifting and hopefully teach others how to lift like he can.

Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson2