Student Implemented Change

Making a Difference in Your Community


Student Council members illustrate the Bear Code with their creative banners from the first day of school.

Hunter Watson and

People are always saying that students have a voice in their school system, but do they really? How many times has there been an issue in our school that you wanted to solve but were unable to? Whether it was a problem with your classes or an issue with budget cuts to your club, you may have felt that you don’t have a say in what goes down here. But that’s where you’re wrong! All across the country, students have been changing their schools for the better by taking a stand. For instance, a group of students in San Francisco in 2009 were frustrated with the way their school was running, so they did something about it. Something big. They founded a group called Students Making a Change, or SMAC. Their focus is on making access to college-level classes easier for other students, and on helping others become leaders in their community. By following their example you can make a difference in our community, too! If there is an issue in our school system that you want to fix, go for it! Just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you don’t have any sway here. You can run for Student Council, Class President, and Board Representative, all of which are positions that would allow you to make a change in our school. You are the only ones who can make change happen! After all, as Alexander Hamilton said, “Those who stand for nothing fall for everything.”