Being a Bear

Keeping the Code 101


Seniors Emily Guengerich and Dakota Hathcock watch the PBIS Bear Code Videos to review the BEAR code.

Rebecca Harris

The Bear Code. It’s something that we all have heard about from the minute we step through the doors to the very minute we walk out of them for the last time. We hear all this talk about following the Bear Code and we even watch videos about it the first week of school. However, what is the Bear Code really about? What does it mean, and how does that meaning vary from students to teachers?

The Bear Code is an acronym that stands for: Be Responsible, Earn Respect, Actively Learn, and Remain Safe. We do these things already on a daily basis, however, sometimes that extra reminder can go a long way, especially if you don’t rigorously follow this code. For example, sometimes we need to remember to be respectful of other people’s opinions and ideas. We also need to remember to actively learn by listening to our teachers and following directions as they are given.

There are a number of ways that we can follow the Bear Code. Everyone has a different outlook on it and how they express it. Teachers can enforce these rules in a variety of ways, some better than others. For example, Mrs.Decker never takes a late assignment and expects students to make time to come in early or after school if they miss a day. This teaches her students to be responsible for their work. Mr.Whitaker tries to model the Bear Code in order to be an example for the students that look up to him. Both teachers, along with all the others at Ava High School, work hard to teach the students here what it means to be an Ava Bear.  

Besides expressing the Bear Code in different ways than teachers, students also have a different perspective than them. As previously said, the code is there to remind students to represent Ava High School in a correct manner. Emily Guengerich, senior, agrees that the Bear Code is an easy way to remember to act appropriately. This applies to not only high school, but to your life outside of school. Learn from the Bear Code and grow with it. It will guide you through the rest of your future endeavors.