Stand by for Titanfall. . . Again

The Debut of Titanfall 2


Ryan McFarlin

Most Xbox One users have experienced the entertainment phenomenon that is Titanfall. The game was released by Respawn Entertainment on March 11th, 2014, and later for the Xbox 360 on April 8th of the same year. Respawn’s first game was Titanfall, but they have been credited for assisting in the creation of several Call of Duty titles. Titanfall won hundreds of video game awards including best of show in E3 2013 and Internet Gaming Network named it best game of the year. This game was so popular, a sequel is in the works at Respawn’s workplace in Van Nuys, California and gamers cannot wait until October 28th, 2016 when it releases. To increase the “hype” for this game the company has released a Pre-Alpha Tech Test, essentially to fix major problems while giving people a chance to play.

This test introduced many major changes from the original title, including a wondrous new look from its graphics engine called “Source” that has been heavily updated to be as smooth as it can get. They also included new abilities to playable characters, called “Pilots”, such as sliding to allow you to move under low objects quickly and a grappling hook useful for boarding enemy Titans. Titans, robotic super-tanks,  also received a facelift, comprised of more variety of abilities, looks, and even voices that are thoroughly distinct from one another. The most noticeable upgrade is the game’s single player story mode, which will not be highlighted in the test, wistfully. The test is contrived of two weekends, August 19 through 21 and August 26 to 28. The test does not, however, showcase the game’s true nature, which is subject to change based upon Respawn’s consent. All players agree that if the game continues on it’s path of development, it could be the talk of the industry for years or even decades to pass.