Silvey Stampede

Ava Community Races to the Finish Line


The Elementary and High School students share the Ava Track.

Hunter Watson

On Friday the 9th, the Silvey Stampede had its annual race up at the C.E. Harlan Field at Silvey Stadium. Tons of people showed up to compete in the races, though most of them were little kids escorted by their parents. The races started at 4:15 p.m. and began with the 0 to 2nd grade children racing one lap against each other. The winners received medals to commemorate their victories before the next race began. The rest of the Stampede followed in such a fashion, pitting the competitors against each other by grade level. The last race of the day was a relay in which teams from the school, the court, and the police competed in. These three teams, made up of strictly adults, raced each other down the track and resulted in a victory for the school team. All those who participated in the races confessed to having an incredibly fun time, despite the heat of the day.