Litter Legionnaires

National Honor Society Trash Pickup


NHS members Elizabeth Tucker, Alayna Brown, Cera Longino, Devon Darlington, Jacob Key, Hunter Watson, and Dakota Hathcock pose for a picture after helping with the annual Trash Pick-up.

Dakota Hathcock

Do you see what I see? After the contest of strength has passed, after the helmets are gone, and the crowds have dispersed, there are those still in the stands. National Honor Society combed the stands on the hunt for stray trash that never made it to the garbage cans. Onward they marched, armed with surgical gloves, up and down the shiny aluminum, hefting large bags of food and drink long abandoned by the spectators. As the bags swelled with waste, they were slung into dumpsters. The Honor Society members spilled onto the field to collect the trash that had fallen to the track. As the last pieces of garbage were collected, the students snapped a quick picture to commemorate the victory over littering. They departed as the lights on the field go out, leaving behind a spotless field and a flawless audience stand.

The Dorothy Norman chapter of NHS will be picking up trash every Friday night after home football games. Students gain one hour of community service for their labors and many initiates make it fun by seeing who can fill their bags the fastest. It was a fun and enjoyable time by all.