A Dog’s Purpose

A True Best Friend


The stories, A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Journey, among many other great animal books.

Rebecca Harris

Furry bodies are sweeping the nation! A Dog’s Purpose has taken the United States by storm; the tale of a dog’s life and their many lives after has warmed people’s hearts while also bringing them close to tears. And this is all just from a trailer! The official movie of A Dog’s Purpose will come out on January 27, 2017. Until then, many have taken to reading the book that inspired the movie, which was written by W. Bruce Cameron.

A Dog’s Purpose is told by a small dog that was reborn several times. In his second life, the dog is known as Bailey. He meets a young boy named Ethan who soon becomes his owner. Believing that he has finally found his purpose, Bailey once again passes away, only to find himself once more. The story continues to tell of Bailey’s lives and their struggle to find their purpose.

Anyone who has ever loved an animal will love this book, including its sequel, A Dog’s Journey. It may even make you appreciate your dogs, or other animals, a little bit more. After all, “You can usually tell that a man is good if he has a dog who loves him” (W. Bruce Cameron).