Receiving the Awards

Renaissance Assembly

Rebecca Harris

In life, we have to reflect on the past in order to move forward and better ourselves. We have to look back in order to be reborn. At Ava High School, we demonstrate this very thing with our quarterly ceremony called the Renaissance Assembly, where Renaissance means “rebirth”. This ceremony is solely focused on reflecting, and celebrating, our students’ and teachers’ outstanding achievements while also giving them the incentives to keep working hard.

[The prizes] are pretty good. I like that they are from local businesses.”

— Ali Hall

We give prizes for high gpas, which range from 3.0 to 4.0 gpa, perfect and outstanding attendance, and even for scoring proficient and advanced on the end-of-course exams. Many students would agree that, “[the prizes] are pretty good,” and that they,“like that they are from local businesses,” as Ali Hall, a senior, put it. Along with that, starting this year, we have a new award that one lucky student will receive each quarter. This award is called the Bear Growl, and it is awarded to someone who has gone above-and-beyond what is expected or required. With this, and so much more awards and prizes, the Ava High School staff hope to inspire students, and teachers, to keep achieving and receiving the awards.