Monsters In Wait

Cabool’s Monster Corn Maze


At Cabool’s Monster Corn Maze, the murderous chainsaw-wielding clown waits for victims to pass by.

Rebecca Harris

With Halloween nearing closer every single day, people are itching to gather up their costumes and scary movies in order to celebrate this horror fest. However, you don’t have to wait till Halloween to get your freak on. At Cabool’s Monster Corn Maze, you can experience first-hand what it’s like to be a character in a horror movie marathon.

From killer, chainsaw-wielding maniacs to psychopathic vampires, Cabool’s Corn Maze has an abundance of scenarios to scare their guests into hiding. You will enter into twisting paths of corn, where monsters hide in wait. If you are able to survive this, then get ready for houses catered to making your adventure terrifying. Finally, if you still aren’t shaking in your boots, you will be driven around to different locations where beasts wait to jump out at you. All this, and so much more, is lurking in the the corn. Are you brave enough to face it?

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