A Drop of Blood

CBCO Blood Drive


Kaitlyn Rowe

The community of Ava participate in the CBCO Blood Drive at Ava High School.

Rebecca Harris

On October 11, 2016, members of the Ava community flocked to the Ava High School to donate their blood to those in need. This event was organized by the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks, also known as CBCO, who work to provide blood to many of the hospitals in our area. Though Ava’s Blood Drive ran for 6 hours, leaving plenty of time for students and parents to drop by, donors are needed frequently in order to supply hospitals with the amount of blood that they need. Which is why Ava hosts a blood drive every few months at the Ava High School. This gives everyone the opportunity to help the patients that are in need of a blood transfusion.

Giving blood gives people a chance to live.”

— Anastacia Grob

While it might seem scary to donate blood, the benefits of donating outway the scare factor. Donating even just a drop of blood can save someone’s life from ending too soon. Ali Hall, a senior at Ava High School, says that she is motivated to give blood because she likes “helping other people.” Anastacia Grob, also a senior, says that she gives blood because, “giving blood gives people a chance to live.” However, no matter what your motivation for giving blood is, donating blood is an amazing way to give to others the chance to keep telling their story.