Clown Coverage

Juvenile Jesters Sweep the Nation


ABC 15 news showcases a scary clown staring into the camera to raise awareness of the recent clown crimes.

Dakota Hathcock

A strange new epidemic is taking hold of the nation. Clowns are lurking in the woods, creeping through the country, and blitzing through barnyards. It has become an epidemic, with sightings taking place all over the United States, and even taking hold in Australia. Most of the clown sightings are harmless pranks, yet there have been some very dangerous situations regarding people in clown outfits. Several have broken into homes, multiple reports have been filed of clowns following children to and from school, and some have even threatened murder.

There are a host of reasons why the trend is so widespread across the U.S. For example, some believe it’s a publicity stunt for the remade IT movie, based on a horror fiction by Stephen King. Others think that it’s mostly just a funny prank to kick off Halloween season with a bang!

While most of the time these sightings are just harmless pranks, most of them usually end up with a call to the authorities. Several sightings of the creeps have been filed in Missouri, even as close as Republic! Police Departments all over America are urging their citizens to not take part in the growing frenzy of fright. It drains resources away from cases that actually matter and aren’t pranks, such as medical emergencies and robberies.

We at the Ava Echo urge students to report any strange activity by clowns immediately to the police, as there have been reports of people in clown suits committing atrocious crimes.  Remember, we are allowed to wear costumes on Halloween, however,  no full masks and no clown costumes due to the recent clown scares. We implore you all to please be safe and smart during the October festivities and be on alert when you’re trick-or-treating down the block.