Volleys of Volleyballs

National Honor Society Volleyball Tournament


NHS members pose for a quick shot before the final showdown!

Dakota Hathcock

On October 22, members of the National Honor Society competed in a volleyball tournament. Mrs. Taylor sponsored the tournament as an effort to build friendships with the NHS. Sophomores, Juniors, and the almighty Seniors duked it out in a friendly competition as a team building exercise to build relations within the National Honor Society.

The tournament was great! Everyone had a fun time!”

— Devon Darlington

The gym floor was a flurry of flying balls, shouts of “Mine!”, and the squeaks of sneakers. At first, the society of scholars were divvied up by grade, then pitted against each other, much to the dismay of the Sophomores and Juniors. After the Seniors dominated the court, all the students split into groups and did various team-building exercises to foster trust between teammates. Then they ate pizza and talked about school, good teamwork, and just generally had fun. Devon Darlington, an NHS senior, said “The tournament was great! Everyone had a fun time!”