Teachers Vs. Students

They don’t really hate you!


Despite how it looks, teachers aren’t out to ruin your day!

Hunter Watson

It’s been said before by our students that they think their teachers “have it out for them” or “seriously hate them.” Contrary to the beliefs of these students, their teachers aren’t out to get them! At times it may seem like your teacher is singling you out. However, even if they are paying special attention to you, it’s because they care about you and want you to succeed in their class. The goal of a teacher is to educate and instill a love of learning in their students, to encourage them to learn independently throughout their lives.

Believe it or not, a million years ago, we were teenanagers just like you.”

— Mrs. Bassett

Despite this, there are still some students who firmly believe that certain teachers dislike them for whatever reason. This isn’t true though! Any teacher can tell you that all they want is to see you succeed and not make the same mistakes that they did. “Believe it or not, a million years ago, we were teenanagers just like you,” says Mrs. Bassett. When asked about the all too common animosity between students and teachers, Mrs. Bassett and other teachers have all said that they just want their students to succeed in school and life. Their guidance may, at times, seem abrasive or encroaching, but it can prove to be a veritable well of advice when you need it.