DAPL Controversy

The Latest Installment of Disrespecting the Natives


Natives Flock to Protest Destruction of Sacred Water and Burial Grounds at the Dakota Access Pipeline Site

Hunter Watson

Since Europeans came over on the Mayflower, Native Americans have had their culture disrespected, their traditions abolished, and their people diminished. The latest thorn in their side is the DAPL, or the Dakota Access Pipeline. This pipeline, if allowed to proceed, will cut straight through the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s sacred lands and damage their water supply; a water supply that has provided the Standing Rock tribe with this precious natural resource for hundred of years. A few months ago, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approved and began work on the pipeline without properly discussing it with the Sioux tribe and getting their permission to build on their land. To combat the pipeline, Chairman Dave Archambault II of the Standing Rock Sioux took the case to court. After some deliberation, Chairman Archambault was able to convince three departments to temporarily halt the pipeline progress, as well as get President Obama to publicly acknowledge their plight. While the pipeline has been momentarily paused, it has already destroyed two sacred burial sites. The peaceful protestors occupying the burial site have been attacked by police dogs, been sprayed with irritantes, and a few have even been arrested. Despite the obvious harm the DAPL is causing to the Native American people and their ancestral places, judges have not yet issued a final ruling for the case.