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The Ava Chamber Choir Displays School Pride on Blue and Gold Day.

Hunter Watson

The Ava High School Choir will be attending Choir SCA next week as part of a district wide event that goes on every year. Mrs. Wolfskill will take a group of students from all four sections up to Willow Springs to compete against students from all over the district. While there, students will have allotted times to perform a blind audition in front of a judge, and they will all be using the same song: Farewell My Love. The students who score high enough will be put into Honors Choir and the rest will be put into Mass Choir. Honors Choir is the best of the best students who audition for SCA while Mass Choir is all the other students, including those who didn’t audition. SCA is a required event that all choir students in our district must participate in, even if they aren’t auditioning. Students will be leaving early in the afternoon and won’t return until after school has ended; hopefully with victorious scores!