Destiny: Rise of Iron Review

Is this Game on the “Rise”?

Ryan Mcfarlin playing Destiny: The Rise of Iron on Xbox One

Ryan Mcfarlin playing Destiny: The Rise of Iron on Xbox One

Ryan McFarlin

Destiny finally felt like a full game when The Taken King came out on September 15, 2015. Each character gained their own personality, missions rewarded you with equipment that was truly worth the challenge, and character progression became much less confusing. Rise of Iron is taking these improvements possibly half a step backwards, unfortunately. The new enemy, SIVA, is not truly given a backstory and never explains what it is. The cinematic scenes are also shorter and the characters are not quite as realistic as the Taken King’s were. The new campaign is also unfortunately short, being comprised of four short missions and completion time under three hours. These missions are action packed and fun to replay, but the objectives are not very specific. The new gear has great new designs, especially from the new Wrath of the Machine raid and the Trials of Osiris tournament. The Archon’s Forge is also really fun, as far as mosh pit death arena’s go, and finishing each wave is very satisfying. The new exotic weapon customization is a nice addition and all the ornaments look masterfully textured, but earning the Radiant Treasures that contain them is tough and buying them through real money is just a marketing ploy for Activision.

To recap, this game has retrogressed into its old form of storytelling, but has made progress in design of weapons and armor, and the high end activities are really challenging. I would give it an 8 out of 10, and that’s being slightly over optimistic.