Glow Dance

Time To Boogie for a Good Cause


Cleo Stafford leading the YMCA dance at the Glow Dance.

Katie Boergert

Every year in November, FCCLA hosts a dance to raise money and have a canned food drive. This year’s glow dance was Friday, November 18th, in the elementary gym. People can have a fun time on the dance floor while helping people who need food.

At this year’s dance, people were dancing and having fun! “The dance was fun, I had a good time!” said Dakota Hathcock. However, there is a chance balloons will no longer be allowed at dances due to people popping them, filling them with water and throwing them around, and causing a huge mess. 

The dance was fun, I had a good time!”

— Dakota Hathcock

Rebecca Harris said, “I think it was pretty silly that people were popping the balloons. I can understand why they popped one or two due to dancing, but some people were picking them up and purposefully popping them. It was also stupid when they were filling them with water, why would you do that, but I think people will still have balloons at later dances.”

Though there were some complications, the dance was still a huge hit and FCCLA and TREND raised some money and had two huge boxes full of canned food. Also, it was so exciting!