A Congregation of Creativity

AHS Students Attend MSU Art Workshop


AHS art students, along with Mrs.Roy, enjoy their delicious donuts from Hurt’s Donuts after having a fun day at Missouri State’s Campus.

Rebecca Harris

Six students of Ava High School went with Mrs.Roy, the High School’s art teacher, to Missouri State University on November 4th to participate in the campus’s annual “Art Day”. Art Day is where students from different schools go to Missouri State in Springfield to learn from the school’s teachers about different types of art. The students chose which two classes they wanted to be in and then were taught about that style of art and even got to practice it!

The day started with a welcoming meeting at 9 am, then students were divided into the morning class they had chosen. The morning and afternoon classes, which were at 11:30, had classes such as: watercolors, typography, ceramics, photography, and so much more. After the morning class, the students enjoyed free Domino’s pizza, which the university graciously provided, and then went to their afternoon classes. After that, the students were released and were allowed to enjoy their weekend. The Ava students, however, started their weekend off with some wonderful donuts from Hurt’s Donuts before arriving back in Ava.