Those Who Help

The A+ Program

Ashton Stanton, AHS senior, tutors first graders during her A+ hours.

Ashton Stanton, AHS senior, tutors first graders during her A+ hours.

Rebecca Harris

At Ava High School, one of our main purposes is to help those who need it. Counselors and teachers all work towards providing students with the help they need to succeed in life. The A+ program is an example of how they do this very thing.

The A+ program is where high school students work with teachers from the lower grade levels, mainly first grade to fifth grade, in order to help them with their students. These high schoolers are basically the “teacher’s assistant” and help them with tasks like cutting or stapling papers and working with the kids in their class. They tutor the kids when the teacher has no time, and do odd jobs for them as well. Brooke Groth, a student who has been a part of the A+ program for two years, says that her favorite thing about A+ is, “I get to help kids out.”

I get to help kids out.”

— Brooke Groth

For the time these high schoolers spend, they earn credits that goes to their college that helps them pay off their tuition and fees. The requirements for the A+ program are: attend an A+ school for 3 years, have a 2.5 gpa, score proficient or advanced on the Algebra 1 EOC, have 95% attendance. You must also be able to serve 50 hours in the A+ program if you choose to join.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, we encourage you to talk to Mrs.Matney in the counselor office for more information about the A+ program.