ACT Study Tips

How To Keep Your Cool During the ACT

Hunter Watson

Every year the ACT comes around and test takers are baffled by how to maintain a good test taking mindset. Here are a few tips on how to stay calm and focus on the task at hand! For all you students taking the test Saturday, good luck!

  • Get a good night’s rest the night before
  • Eat a good breakfast the morning of the test
  • On the English portion, read the questions first then go back and read the paragraph
  • Choose the most concise answer
  • In the Math portion, plug in your answer to solve equations
  • Some passages are unnecessarily long, so skim them for the most important information
  • In the Science portion, pay attention to the visuals, such as graphs or illustrations.
  • Skip some of the hardest questions then come back to them before you finish that section of the test
  • Use the process of elimination
  • Stay calm during the test

See the counselor’s office if you need more help or want access to study materials. also has resources and helpful tips that can prepare you for taking the ACT.