That’s a Wrap

Anchor Club Offers Gift Wrapping Services


Sarah Sacco

Anchor Club members working together to wrap presents for Christmas.

Rebecca Harris

With the festive holiday known as Christmas rapidly approaching, gifts have been coming into the homes of Ava in abundances. People are continuing searching for the best gifts for their friends and family, spending loads of time in stores and surfing the web. However, once those gifts do arrive, they have a whole new problem to face-gift wrapping. In order to relieve some of the stress of wrapping tons of present, and to help those who aren’t that great at it, Anchor Club hosted a gift wrapping service on Thursday, December 8th.

Anchor Club’s gift wrapping service was free of charge and anyone was allowed to come in with however many presents they needed wrapped. It ran from 3:30 pm to 6 pm in Mrs.Sacco’s room in the PAC Building. Though not many came, the Anchor Club members still had a great time wrapping presents for those who did bring some in. Hopefully next year, if Anchor Club does continue these services, more people will take this wonderful opportunity for granted.