The Rim Reapers

Ava Bears Basketball

An Ava Bear prepares to make a pass.

An Ava Bear prepares to make a pass.

Dakota Hathcock

The assault begins, the Bears charge down the court. The ball bouncing against the floor establishing the heartbeat of the game. The ball passes from Bear to Bear around the three point line, it suddenly darts inward, finding the hands of a Bear in white. He crouches, then springs up over his opponents and throws the ball towards the hoop. It spins, hitting the backboard, almost bouncing out. It hits the rim, the court goes silent as it spirals around the length of the rim, then promptly falls through the net. A cheer goes up through the crowds, and the Bears charge back down the court to defend their basket.

Come see your Ava Bears every Tuesday for Boys’ Basketball and Thursdays for Girls’ Basketball! There is a theme almost every game, so put your team spirit in overdrive and come see the Bears compete. Schedules for themes are located in the main office, so be prepared. Food and drinks are served on site, and see the dance team during breaks when the teams devise their new strategies before clashing yet again. Come join us and rally some team spirit! We can’t wait to see you there!