Making 2017 Your Year

Advice on a Better Year for a Better You

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

Dakota Hathcock

Are you tired of having expectations for the New Year only to have it crushed by complications? Life in general will try to hold you back, there will be obstacles. There have always been obstacles. The greatest people in history weren’t remembered for just the things they achieved, but the hurdles they overcame. You can overcome your hurdles; your obstacles can be conquered.

Life will never give you a problem you can’t solve. However, you can set yourself up for failure by setting unrealistic goals. If you do make New Year’s resolutions, then always resort to small goals that build up to something larger. Drastic changes are demoralizing to go through, as studies show that only a measly five percent of people actually go through with their resolutions about quitting anything cold turkey.

Also for exercise, always never exceed boundaries until you know how far you can go without permanently harming yourself. A lot of people make resolutions and very few can actually go through with them due to most people’s inability to cope with drastic change for a long time that they’re not forced to stick with.

Either way, this is going to be a great year. However you take it will depend if it’s a good year for you. Try some new things, grab a hobby, and try to get some sleep! Waking up early actually helps you sleep so maybe you could introduce yourself to a sleeping program that lets you wake earlier. Read some books in your spare time instead of just lounging around being bored. If you are a busybody, you could set aside one hour a day to exercise, read, relax, nap, or anything to improve your quality of life. Also, it’d be a great idea to stop procrastinating. More than anything, start enjoying the little things in life and keep a positive attitude towards everything! Have a great year!