No Hablo…(Anything)

Rosetta Stone Malfunctions


Rosetta Stone deceivingly acts like it is working when in actuality, it’s not.

Rebecca Harris

Since the start of the second semester, Rosetta Stone has been on the rocks. Students can rarely get on the website, and when they can, the site takes forever to load. Very few have made any progress these past few months, which is causing a bunch of problems for teachers and students alike.

As of recently, Ava High School’s tech crew has issued a new decree that students are not allowed on sites like Youtube, Pandora, and Netflix until February 20th. Pandora and Netflix have been banned already for the next few days, however, Youtube has not. On February 20th, the high school will be getting an upgrade on our Internet’s bandwidth. This will hopefully fix the problems that Rosetta Stone seems to be having. Until then, our tech crew believes that by not using these websites that were aforementioned, our Internet will not be tied up by running these sites.

We ask students not to use sites such as Youtube in the meantime, otherwise they will be banned for everyone.