Early Morning Band Practice

Coffee and Concert Music


The Band Listens Intently to their Director, Mrs. Sacco.

Hunter Watson

As concert season rears its ugly head once again, the Ava Pride Marching Band resorts to their yearly early morning practices to ensure the band is ready to put on the best concert that they can. Every section is required to participate in this, and the practices are usually Wednesday mornings from seven in the morning to eight in the morning. Although not every student is excited to be at school so early, they always put in the work to make the band the best they can be. The band uses these opportunities to practice the songs they’re playing this year, “Joy Revisited,” “Lament and Tribal Dance,” “Imperfect Silence,” and “I Often Gaze at New Stars.” The Ava Pride Band concert was on March ninth. The band has, and is, working very hard, and it showed in the masterful way they performed at their concert. Now all the band kids eagerly await to perform at contest, and hopefully make State with their skills.