Math and Science Relays

Outsmarting the Competition

Students Relax After a Test During the Relay.

AJ Vanvalkenburg.

Students Relax After a Test During the Relay.

Hunter Watson

Every year, our SCA competes in the famed Math and Science Relays, which test the best of the best and determine some of the smartest kids in our SCA. But how does a person get chosen to compete in the Relay? Teachers like Mrs. Haltom and Mrs. Decker pick students with the best and highest grades in their subjects, and then those students go to a neighboring school to compete. Last year, we hosted the Relay and enjoyed a bevy of talented students that all made their schools look good.

This year, on March 2nd, we took about 30 students to Thayer, the school hosting it. These students were handpicked by teachers to represent us, and they were competing in a variety of tests such as algebra, trigonometry, measurements, chemistry, physics, and anatomy. There were different styles of test as well, like the team tests for each grade level and the individual tests that all the students take. Last year, we took first place overall, so the stakes were quite high this year. We came back with an overall Second Place trophy, and several students who scored high in individual tests as well. These students and their placements are as follows: Eden Little: 1st Place Measurement

Tristin LePointe: 2nd Place Algebra I

Jacob Key: 1st Place Chemistry I, 3rd Place Geometry

Dwight Emerson: 1st Place Geometry

Kexin Li: 3rd Place Algebra II, 3rd Place Chemistry I, 4th Place Chemistry II

Tyler Cornett: 3rd Place Biology II, 7th Place Advanced Math

Drew Adams: 3rd Place Physics

Emily Little: 5th Place Trigonometry

Hunter Downs: 5th Place Physical Science

Chau Tran: 8th Place Chemistry II, 9th Place Algebra II

Eli Maggard: 6th Place Trigonometry, 10th Place Chemistry II

AJ VanValkenburg: 5th Place Anatomy/Physiology, 9th Place Trigonometry

1st Place in Sophomore Team Test: Jacob Key, Dwight Emerson, and Stephen Copeland.

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