A Work of Music

Music Contest Preparations


Band members listen to Mrs.Sacco as they prepare to play.

Rebecca Harris

They’re there at every game, making their own kind of cheering with the instruments they carry. Ava High School’s band is always there creating and sharing their musical talent with the rest of us, but how is it that they can produce such beautiful sounds? A ton of hard work is put into making their chosen pieces sound like actual songs, and with music contests coming around, band members are striving to turn them into masterpieces.

According to Calista Giorgianni, the band spends over two months working on the three songs that they are given. They work with the easiest songs first, progressing into the harder ones later. Soon, the band members start coming in at seven a.m. two days a week to work with a musician from Palen. As the music contests get closer, the band has a performance showcasing their pieces. Finally, on the day of competition, the band spends around ten minutes warming up before they walk onstage to compete before the judges.

A great deal of time and energy is put into preparing for these music contests. Just like our athletes, our band members work hard to do well at these performances. We at the Ava Echo wish the band good luck, and encourage others to do the same next time they see a band member.