Leading the Way

NHS Convention

NHS Convention Members line up for a snapshot.

NHS Convention Members line up for a snapshot.

Dakota Hathcock

On March 7th, a troop of students ventured forward to uphold the mantle of leadership at the Missouri Association of National Honor Society’s Convention at Tan-Tar-A. The MANHS convention held a conference specifically for Leadership and the art of leading. Student Leaders are evident everywhere you go. However, you can always improve your leadership skills. Speaker Camille Yameen spoke about how being a good leader is taught by studying, and it’s learned by going out and doing it yourself. Never giving up is the key to being a leader.

Students stayed in the Tan-Tar-A Resort and enjoyed a multitude of activities that reinforced being student leaders such as: puzzle rooms, volunteer efforts, and listening to actual leaders in business and politics sharing their knowledge. The Society members were served a delicious combo of pasta and roast, with desserts of cheese cake and ice cream. After a rest, the students woke up and ate breakfast, then listened to another inspiring speech. All in all, the convention was a wonderful experience that inspired many!