Digital Footprint


A view of some of the social media options that people can publicly look at.

Katie Boergert

Students today are posting on social media not realizing the consequences of how their posts make them appear to the people who view their social media pages. When students are searching for a job their employers will look at their social media pages, searching for redeeming qualities in their personal lives. If they find that your posts are always competitive and immature, they may not hire you for a job. The same goes for colleges; they view your social media pages to see if you are the kind of student they would want at their university.

You should also watch who your friends are on social media; you don’t want random people to be able to see your personal life and start trouble. Websites like Tumblr are very anonymous, and unless you meet the user in person you never know who they really are. On your social media pages you should adjust the privacy setting to where only your friends can see your post, so you don’t have “creepers” looking at your page and causing trouble for you.

To make sure you privacy on your phone stays private, create a password only you would know. People can go on your device and mess around with all of your information, possibly locking down your phone in the process. Your friends might find it humorous to fool around on your phone. Keep your device locked down and safe.

“Why would you ruin your chances for a good future just to be cool,” said Challa Watkins, an AHS junior about her digital footprint.