Tri-M Summit


Tri-M Members inducted to this music honor society, had a chance to attend the Summit this year at MSU.

Maddie Curtis, Reporter

On September 12-13, 2017, Tri-M Advisor, Mrs. Sarah Sacco led a state-wide conference called the Tri-M Summit for high school students interested in careers in music and music education.  Here at AHS our honor society called Tri-M, a music based honor society, has many requirements.  Members must have a GPA of a 3.0 or higher, participate in a music class or an ensemble at least one semester of the school year, and have continued strengths that include demonstration of service, leadership, and cooperation. Every year, the Tri-M members take a trip to the Tri-M Summit. The Summit is a place they go to learn more about music and how it changes lives.

This year, the Summit was held at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri. This conference focused on “How to be prepared for college.”  Participants learned about the audition process for the music department and the importance of joining at least one club or extracurricular activity. They also got to watch the Missouri State University Pride Band warm up and run parts of their marching show.

     Tri-M is a popular honor society. All schools are involved in music some way and having a music based honor society is very important. Tri-M is a great way to gain leadership skills, life knowledge, and many other respectable lessons. With Tri-M, they are able to make friends, go amazing places, experience once in a lifetime opportunities, and so much more.