1:1 Technology of 2018-2019

Preparing Students For Their Future


A look into the future of Ava High School ChromeBook integration.

Morgan Whitcre, Reporter

Tired of carrying all of those text books? Well thanks to Ava High School, the class of 2022 might be going 1:1. What does that mean you ask? Let me tell you, each freshman student will be given a laptop to take to every class period and given the chance to improve their learning possibilities. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

“The teachers will always be the most important part of the classroom,” proclaimed Dr. Nash the principal of Ava High School when asked about how the incorporation of 1:1 Technology would affect the classroom.  Dr. Dial, the superintendent of Ava High School, explains this plan to go 1:1 with students as “Lids up or lids down,” because the teachers are going to be the ones to decide if the Chromebooks will be used in the classroom.

Students will have the ability to view lesson plans and lectures if they have any unexpected absences or if they want more time to comprehend the assignment. This can help further the student’s education and start to prepare them for the future whether it involves college or not. “Technology is advancing whether we want it to or not,” Dr. Dial remarked, “and we need to prepare the students for what’s about to happen.”

The upcoming Freshman will be able to take the Chromebooks home as needed and will be able to deliver laptops that need repaired to Mr. Doane the technology director at Ava High School, and receive a replacement for as long as needed to repair the students original Chromebook. There will be restrictions on specific sites to keep students on tasks and focused on school work as well as keeping them safe.

The incorporation of 1:1 depends on the school’s funds and budgets, as well as the presentation to the school board. This will be a slow process but the administration and teachers want to get a start on preparing for the future of the world.