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Clubs and Contacts for AHS

Kylie Smith, Editor

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This year there are many clubs for all students to be involved in, however some students might not know who to go to in order to join these clubs. Don’t fret though, below is a list of all the AHS clubs, their sponsors and sponsor contacts.


Anchor Club- Mrs. Sacco: [email protected]

Art Club- Mrs. Roy: [email protected]

Band Club/Band/Tri-M- Mrs. Sacco: [email protected]

Jazz Band- Mr. Sacco: [email protected]

Cheerleading/Dance- Mrs. Amy Lansdown: [email protected]


Future Business Leaders of America- Mrs. Embrey: [email protected]


Family Career and Community Leaders of America- Mrs. Tomlinson: [email protected]



Future Farmers of America- Mr. Lakey, Mrs. Perkins: [email protected], [email protected]


Rodeo Club- Mr. McDonald: [email protected]

Key Club- Mrs. Tate: [email protected]

Link Crew- Mrs. Decker, Mrs. Walker: [email protected], [email protected]



National Honor Society- Mrs. Taylor: [email protected]

Trend/Newspaper/Student Council/Video/Yearbook- Mrs. Bassett: [email protected]


Pep Club- Mrs. Shelton, Mr. Clevenhagen: [email protected], [email protected]


Prom- Mrs. Roy, Mrs. Tate: [email protected], [email protected]

Quiz Bowl- Mrs. Haltom: [email protected]

Industrial Arts Clubs/Skills USA- Mr. Davison: [email protected]

Drama/Vocal Music- Mrs. Wolfskill: [email protected]


We encourage you to be a part of as many clubs as possible to help be involved with our school. You never know the opportunities that can come from these organizations.

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