Don’t Get the Flu, Go To School

Tips For When You Miss School


AHS student Trevor Sartin signing out keeping a record of when he was in and out of school. Taken November 30th by Katie Boergert.

Katie Boergert, Print Content Editor

As the winter season comes upon us so does the flu season. Due to people getting sick from said season they miss school and their attendance falls. There are some ways for you to prevent getting sick; like washing your hands, getting vaccines, etc. Whenever those methods don’t work and you feel like you are dying in your house, then there is nothing you can do. Though there is a way to make up for the days you miss.
You should try to get a doctors note for every appointment that you go to, when you are out of school. The doctors note gives you a verified excuse and the hours and days you miss won’t be held against you. If you don’t verify that you were gone it could be counted as truancy, depending on how long you missed, and you will eventually have to go to court.

If you do miss and you don’t have verification there are other ways to make up your attendance. You can go to attendance recovery in bears time after school or ask Mr. Houk for other options to make up for the days you missed. Your attendance is important if you want to graduate.

Check your attendance weekly to make sure that there isn’t a mistake on your record. If the log says you missed certain hours but you didn’t, go to the office so they can fix that. They will check the sign out log to make sure they have the hours and dates correct to fix your record.