Kylie Smith, Reporter

During this cold holiday season it is common for our skin to become dry and our scalps to flake. So, to avoid hiding your beautiful skin and hair, here are some tips on keeping away dandruff and dry skin.


Skin Tips

  1. Wash your face and hands in lukewarm water. Yes hot water feels nice in the winter but washing with lukewarm water helps to avoid stripping away oils in the skin
  2. Moisturize your skin after washing. This helps to lock moisture into the skin
  3. Stay away from petroleum and water-based moisturizers. These can actually dry your skin out more, instead choose an oil-based moisturizer
  4. Protect your skin from the cold.Wearing gloves and scarves can keep your skin away from harsh winter air and since winter sun is just as dangerous as summer sun, apply sunscreen to exposed area.
  5. Hydrate! It’s cold in the winter and we want coffee and hot chocolate, however drinking water and eating lots of food with a high water content are good ways to keep our skin healthy
  6. Exfoliate. Exfoliating the skin helps to get rid of dead skin cells that can be blocking moisture from getting to your skin. Exfoliating masks and body washes are great to have around during cold seasons

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Hair Tips

  1. Wash your hair fewer times. Washing your hair removes dirt and sweat but it also removes natural oils your hair needs to stay healthy.
  2. Don’t shower in hot water. Hot water doesn’t just affect your skin, it can also bother your scalp. Shower or wash your hair with warm water instead
  3. Use warm oil. Olive oil and coconut oil can be very hydrating to your scalp and hair. Heat some up and massage onto your scalp and hair. Leave it in for a couple hours and wash out with shampoo
  4.  Let your hair dry naturally. Hair dryers are helpful but they can also dry your hair out further
  5.  Wear a hat. Wearing a hat when you are outside can keep your hair and scalp protected from the cold winds

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