Orange Is In Season

Hunting Seasons Are Still In Session


A Fashion Statement: Orange clothing is in season right now. It doesn’t only look good but it can save your life in this time of hunting frenzy. Become noticeable and don’t take a chance of risking your life by not wearing orange.

Morgan Whitacre, Editor

It’s the perfect time of year for trail rides! It’s not too hot for the riders or the horses, the flies have disappeared, and the views are glamorous. However, as the days pass the average person has a tendency to forget that hunting seasons are continuously happening around them. This forgetfulness can lead to accidents that can cause serious injuries or even death. There are several precautions that a person should consider before participating in outside activities; these precautions could prevent terrible events from occurring.

It’s considered courteous of someone to inform another of their agenda for the day. This will give a neighbor a heads up that you could be in the woods and allows them to take heed when hunting, and also gives them the opportunity to inform other hunters of your presence. After consulting with your neighbors and you’ve decided to go for a trail ride you need to make sure that you are extremely visible. Don’t take any chances of appearing as an animal that could be shot. Wear bright colors, preferable ORANGE, and don’t forget to protect your horse as well. You could possibly put some orange ribbons in their mane and tail. Another way to reduce your chances of a hunting accident is sticking to the dirt roads and not wandering in the woods to much.

Please consider the risks and take the precautions before going on a trail ride in this beautiful weather. Don’t forget to capture the beautiful sights on your many adventures.