On A Hunt For Healing

An Unforeseen Event Changes A Life


Anthony is on the path to recovery in the hospital.

Morgan Whitacre, Editor

On November 6, 2017 Anthony Hunt, a senior at AHS, was in a tragic accident while on his way to a required viewing of a football film for preparation of an upcoming game. Anthony was gracious enough to share his memories of the events that took place before, during, and after his accident.

As you read our fellow classmate’s extraordinary experience please remember that this could happen to anyone. “I was on my way to film for football. As I was coming around the curve before the four way on Hwy 5 and I fell asleep or blacked out. I woke up when my truck hit the ditch in front of Titan Propane, but I was going so fast and I wasn’t buckled up that I bounced off the steering wheel and it knocked me out. I woke up and my truck was laying on its passenger side and I was sitting where the passenger window would have been. I grabbed my steering wheel to pull myself up so I could stand and I tried to get out the drivers door but I couldn’t open it. So I kicked out the front windshield just big enough to crawl through and I walked to the highway and waved Tanner Pinckney down. He called the ambulance and got me to lay down on the ground. The ambulance got there and loading me into the vehicle. I remember about 15 minutes of the ride. They gave me a shot of morphine and everything was a blur until Wednesday morning. I had my surgery Tuesday [the day of the accident] and I remember some things when I woke up. I had a bunch of people come and visit me. I was in Cox South for a week and I lost 20lbs just that week. They moved me to Mercy Rehab and I was there for a week and a half and lost an additional 10lbs. When I first got there I couldn’t walk 10 yards without almost falling. I had physical therapy everyday. When I left I walked out of that hospital. Now I can walk like I used to. I’m still on precautions for my sternum and back. I broke two bones in my back, three fractures in my neck, and I cracked my sternum. They put two 7” titanium rods and 9 screws in my back.” Thankfully Anthony has made it home and is recovering quickly.

The AHS understands the financial burden of medical bills and wanted to give something to the Hunt family to help in some way. The AHS Pep Club put on a Hat Day fundraiser for Anthony Hunt and raised $312.34. Kaylee Evans is a close friend to Anthony Hunt and was compelled to help him. Kaylee put together the Hat Day fundraiser in the Ava Middle School and Ava Elementary School and she successfully raised $596.04 for Anthony’s medical bills.

Anything can happen at any moment without any warning. Live life fully and remember to cherish the ones that are still here today. The AHS wishes Anthony Hunt a safe and fast recovery.