Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Snow Day Notifications at Ava Schools


Dreaming of a white Christmas? The local KY3 news station is holding a challenge to guess the first snowfall in Missouri.

Ryan McFarlin, Editor

Most students hope for a few days of a break from school, even if it means adding on to the year’s end. These near mythical days happen every winter, when the rivers freeze over and snow covers the ground. However, it is difficult for students to get notification of snow days if they do not know where to look. Luckily, the administrators understand that and have given students a plethora of ways to identify a snow day. Freshmen Raina Austin said, “I generally hear about snow days through the school phone calls to parents. I extremely enjoy sleeping for hours on those days.”

    First, the school Facebook pages posts about snow days. Second, the Ava R-1 School District app will send snow day messages. Third, the school administrators and secretary will call parents of students to inform them to keep their kids home.The school might also send emails to those parents. Fourth, the local news stations, KY3 and KSPR, will run a school closings bar and Ava can be found on that list. Finally, the school website, http://www.avaschools.k12.mo.us/ , will also have information on snow days. Kailey Thompson, a senior at Ava High School, said, “I like sleeping in on snow days, but I don’t like making them up later. I hear about them through Facebook or the School App.”