Thor: Ragnarok

FCCLA Watches Thor

Thor rediscovering his true power, after his final goodbye to Odin, to fight Hela. Image provided by

Katie Boergert, Print Content Editor

On Monday November 12th FCCLA went to the Springfield 11 to watch Marvel’s newest movie, Thor Ragnarok. The movie is a mix of comedy and action, telling the story of how Asgard came to its end. Revealing the hidden origins of how Thor’s homeland came to be and the cruelty behind it.

Thor Ragnarok is the movie that will lead to Marvel multiverse finally crashing together in Infinity War. All of the movie storylines will finally come together and come to an end, killing many favorites developed over the years. Starting with Thor bringing Asgard to an end.

“The movie kept me on the edge of my seat most of the time. I definitely cried during it, but it made me laugh also.” said Challa Watkins on her experience seeing the movie.

Thor includes many fan favorite characters from other Marvel movies; such as Doctor Strange, The Incredible Hulk, and Black Widow. There are also a lot of hidden  references to the other movies, like the mention of Xandar, which was the city that Ronan wanted to destroy in Guardians of the Galaxy.The movie was very enjoyable and has people excited for what Marvel will do next.