Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery

ASVAB Testing, Prep, and Purpose


Anonymous student studies for the ASVAB test. Taken by Katie Boergert.

Katie Boergert, Online Content Editor

The ASVAB is a test you take for the military to consider what the best position would be for their ranks. Every junior is scheduled to take this test. It also helps with determining what skills you have and what career you would be best at. The test takes four hours to take and it has six sections within the test itself.

The test is over arithmetic, comprehension of english, comprehension of math, auto mechanics, and comprehension of technology. The range of time it took to take each section was nine to thirty minutes. Once you were done with the section you could ask the nearest advisor if you could take a bathroom break. You could ask for help during the test and the advisor would try to help you as best they could. If you missed the day of testing you would have to take it when you are a senior, it is a one day thing.

There is a study guide you could use to prepare for the ASVAB, but it is only recommended if you are wanting a career in the military. All the ASVAB requires is that you try your best to complete the test. So unless you want to be in the armed forces you don’t have to prepare, just answer to the best of you knowledge.

The test will help you prepare for the future, but it isn’t something you need to stress about. It is just something mandatory for everyone in the junior class to take. You are not graded for it, and won’t have any affect on your GPA. Just relax and let the knowledge come to you.